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本保養條款適用於所有 Petnar 貓窗網和露台紗門。






* 產品材料的自然磨損。

* 產品結構的自然變形。

* 產品功能的自然損耗。



* 人為損壞,包括但不限於劃痕、撕裂、破損等。

* 因不正確的安裝或操作而造成的損壞。

* 因自然災害(如火災、水災等)造成的損壞。



* 請聯絡 Petnar 客服,並提供購買憑證和損壞部分的照片。

* Petnar 將會評估損壞情況,並決定是否符合保養條款。

* 符合保養條款的情況下,Petnar 將會提供維修或更換產品。



Petnar 保留對本保養條款的最終解釋和決定權。



Petnar Product Warranty Terms

Applicable Products

  • This warranty applies to all Petnar cat window screens and patio screen doors.


Warranty Period

  • The warranty period commences on the day of installation completion and lasts for one year.


Warranty Coverage

  • Natural wear and tear of product materials.

  • Natural deformation of the product structure.

  • Natural degradation of product functionality.



  • Any form of man-made damage, including but not limited to scratches, tears, and breaks.

  • Damage due to incorrect installation or operation.

  • Damage resulting from natural disasters (e.g., fire, flood, etc.).


Warranty Procedure

  • Contact Petnar customer service, providing proof of purchase and photographs of the damaged area.

  • Petnar will assess the damage to determine if it falls under the warranty terms.

  • If the damage is covered by the warranty, Petnar will offer repair or replacement of the product.


Final Decision

Petnar reserves the right to make the final interpretation and decision regarding this warranty.

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