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  1. 收集的個人資料
    1.1 當您註冊Petnar網站的帳戶時,我們可能會收集您的姓名、聯絡資料和其他相關的個人資料。
    1.2 在使用Petnar網站的過程中,我們可能會自動收集一些技術資訊,包括您的IP地址、瀏覽器類型、訪問時間和日期等。

  2. 使用個人資料
    2.1 我們可能會使用您提供的個人資料來向您提供我們的產品和服務,包括但不限於處理您的訂單、回答您的查詢和提供客戶支援。
    2.2 我們可能會使用您的個人資料來改善我們的網站和服務,並根據您的興趣和偏好提供個性化的內容和廣告。

  3. 資料披露
    3.1 我們可能會與第三方服務提供商合作,以便為您提供更好的產品和服務。在這些情況下,我們可能需要將您的個人資料分享給這些第三方,但我們將會採取合理的措施來保護您的個人資料的安全性。
    3.2 我們可能會根據法律要求或執法機構的要求披露您的個人資料。

  4. 資料安全
    4.1 我們將採取合理的措施來保護您提供給我們的個人資料的安全性。然而,請注意,因互聯網的性質,我們無法保證在傳輸過程中完全保護您的個人資料的安全性。

  5. Cookie和類似技術
    5.1 我們的網站可能使用Cookie和類似技術來改善您的使用體驗,例如記住您的首選項和收集統計資料。
    5.2 您可以根據您的瀏覽器設置選擇接受或拒絕Cookie。請注意,如果您拒絕使用Cookie,某些網站功能可能無法正常運作。

  6. 未成年人的私隱
    6.1 我們不會故意收集未成年人的個人資料。如果您是未成年人,請在法定監護人的監管下使用本網站。

  7. 修訂私隱政策
    7.1 我們保留隨時修改本私隱政策的權利。修改後的私隱政策將在我們的網站上發布,並自發布之日起生效。

Petnaris dedicated to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy aims to explain how we collect, use, disclose, and protect the personal information you provide to us when using the Petnar website. Please read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully before using our website.

  1. Collection of Personal Information
    1.1 When you register an account on the Petnar website, we may collect your name, contact information, and other relevant personal information.
    1.2 During your use of the Petnar website, we may automatically collect certain technical information, including your IP address, browser type, access time, and date.

  2. Use of Personal Information
    2.1 We may use the personal information you provide to deliver our products and services to you, including but not limited to processing your orders, responding to your inquiries, and providing customer support.
    2.2 We may use your personal information to improve our website and services, and provide personalized content and advertisements based on your interests and preferences.

  3. Data Disclosure
    3.1 We may collaborate with third-party service providers to enhance our products and services. In such cases, we may need to share your personal information with these third parties, but we will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of your personal information.
    3.2 We may disclose your personal information as required by law or requested by law enforcement agencies.

  4. Data Security
    4.1 We will take reasonable measures to protect the security of the personal information you provide to us. However, please note that due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee the complete security of your personal information during transmission.

  5. Cookies and Similar Technologies
    5.1 Our website may use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your user experience, such as remembering your preferences and collecting statistical data.
    5.2 You can choose to accept or reject cookies based on your browser settings. Please note that if you reject the use of cookies, certain website features may not function properly.

  6. Privacy of Minors
    6.1 We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors. If you are a minor, please use this website under the supervision of a legal guardian.

  7. Revision of Privacy Policy
    7.1 We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. The updated Privacy Policy will be posted on our website and will be effective from the date of publication.

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